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Pratt & Simmons prides itself on its innovative and client focused approach. We utilize the latest technology to ensure that our clients will be able to reach us when they need us most. We promise we will go the extra mile to ensure that you never need to wonder why my lawyer isn’t getting back in touch. You will never need to wonder what is going on with my case. You will never need to wonder what will happen next.

We will keep you informed in the way you want to be informed. If you want email, video conference, regular mail, or phone calls you will get it. If you want meetings in the early morning, at nights, or on weekends we will be happy to make that happen.

Pratt & Simmons knows that your legal needs do not always occur between the hours of 9:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and that’s why we make our firm available to you when you need us and not just when we need you.

Pratt & Simmons promises to return all phone calls within 48 hours.

Give us a call today at (207) 236-0020!

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